DO YOU HAVE THE rightbrain?

Expanding Opportunity.

Our Clients include top Design Firms, Advertising Agencies, and Corporations. You won't find the roles we fill on their behalf listed in newspapers or trade journals, or online. Our clients entrust us to present candidates who fit valuable roles within their organization - building teams with the most talented designers and strategists.

As a strategic partner, rightbrain recruiting, llc works to actualize our clients passion to create. We identify the role that suits your professional and personal vision, reflects your exceptional talent and suits your personality.

Trust. Respect.

Our team-driven, role-minded approach requires a strategic commitment on our clients behalf. We take that commitment very seriously. The Client/rightbrain team is searching for the ideal fit - someone who suits today's complex needs while fulfilling the emerging requirements of the role as the client evolves its vision to meeting the challenges of emerging markets.

Qualities such as leadership, management skills, and business results elevate the best from the rest - separating commodity-level skills from those with strategic problem solving expertise and the ability to make things happen.


We understand that you may be in a vulnerable position and urgency may be a driving factor in your current search. We will be as sensitive as possible to your needs. Please understand that urgency is not the main driver in establishing the rightfit.

If you are an exceptional candidate, there will be a place for you. We strive to connect you to the rightrole at the rightfirm for your future.

The rightfit.

Client and Candidate interests converge when identifying the rightfit. Finding a role you can do work for which you have a passion, meet your career objectives, extend an organization's passion to create, and yield the best team respects everyone. It also develops personal and organizational value for each party, and has potential for long term growth. Win, Win.