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Management Consulting

Talent acquisition, while extremely important, is only one aspect of maximizing the capabilities within an organization.  Understanding the complexities of an agency vs. the corporate environment provides Heather with a unique understanding the needs of our Clients.


In addition to creative recruitment, Heather partners with her clients as an independent consultant. This may manifest itself in bringing new business opportunities to a design firm or it may require a more in-depth focus on talent acquisition, performance, and retention.  

Her rare blend of education, skills, and experience which, when combined with her keen business instinct, results in growth to your business.  She has the ability to quickly assess individual skill-sets, gifts, and opportunity areas including chemistry among leaders, managers, and teams offering actionable solutions that work.  

"Heather offers talent solutions to form cohesive teams that work effectively together.”


Heather has a natural easy leadership style that inspires others to want to achieve and deliver their best work.  She is authentically unaffected and her direct communication style coupled with her sense of humor is refreshing.  She engages others with a genuine interest in what they have to offer. Heather’s ability to articulate complex concepts in a simple way makes everyone feel included and valued.


Ever try explaining what you do for a living to a lay person?  Sometimes it’s easier just to make something up!  It’s just as difficult to explain the inner workings of a design firm or corporation to someone outside the industry.  Design is an art and a science - part studied, part apprenticed, part inspired.  Heather’s personal experience on both the client and agency-sides of the business provides her with a unique understanding of the clients' needs allowing them to quickly speak short-hand and get directly to specifics.


"Heather brought our firm a $500k project from a Fortune 500 client we’d been trying to break into for years.  Not only did she collaborate with us to present credentials and win the business, but she also helped us earn preferred supplier status subsequently being added to a short list of companies they do business with."


“Heather knew instantly the ‘perfect fit’ firm for me. She made the connection, facilitated the process seamlessly and now weeks later I’m in NY and I love my job!”  

- Heather Allen, Sr. Designer LAGA New York

“Heather called me about a director-level position with a fortune 500 company, a position not publicly posted. She made the connection, oversaw the interviewing process, and further mediated the offer, benefits, and relocation package.  She prepared me every step of the way even talking through the decision to relocate with my wife and me. We always felt Heather had our best interests in mind, communicating with us frequently, and acting as a trusted advisor throughout the process.”

- Candidate