Management Consulting

Talent Acquisition, while extremely important, is only one aspect of maximizing the capabilities within an organization. Understanding the complexities of an Agency vs. Corporate Environment and the priorities of an Agency v/s Corporation provides Heather with a unique and rare combination of understanding the needs of the Organization quickly and efficiently and effectively.
Heather has a sixth sense for quickly identifying needs of an organization and offering actionable solutions to Clients. She makes it look easy but don’t think you could’ve done it yourself. Heather has a rare blend of education, skills, experience, and instinct resulting in a direct impact to your business. Heather can assess individual skill sets, gifts, outages and chemistry among Leaders, Managers, and Teams offering solutions that seem so simple you think you should’ve thought of it yourself! In addition to Creative Recruitment, Heather enjoys partnering with Clients in terms of New Business Development and Consulting. This might include Talent Acquisition and Retention; Defining Roles & Responsibilities; Writing Job Descriptions; Developing Salary Banding; Performance Evaluations; Rewarding and Retaining Talent.


Heather has a natural easy way of leading, with a genuine desire to include everyone in the process. Her authentic, funny collaborative leadership style to put folks at ease from interns to the Management Team, she puts people at ease comfortable in her own skin, authentic, direct and articulate; she has the ability to articulate concept ideas so anyone can understand and feel included. Her sense of humor is disarming and folks want to work hard for her knowing she’ll work twice as hard for you.