Heather Neesham

HEATHER NEESHAM - the rightfit

Heather Neesham began her career with Procter & Gamble Company in Design and Marketing for 11 years immersed in the intricacies of corporate culture.  Helping staff the P&G Design Department was her first insight into Creative Recruitment and Staffing providing a depth of understanding of the characteristics required for a candidate to thrive in this environment. Heather’s unique ability to identify these qualities enables her to source Candidates efficiently. 

Heather was recruited from P&G by a local Design Firm as Director of Marketing where her role required strategic analysis and leadership.  Gaining insight into the inner workings of a design firm provided her with first-hand knowledge of the complexities of the service side. Having personal experience on both the Client and Agency-sides of the business, coupled with more than 20 years CPG experience, has earned Heather a reputation as a Who’s Who within the Design Industry. 

As a catalyst between Creatives and Firms, Heather is equally active within the design community as a professional sharing insights while furthering her understanding of the challenges that face today’s Creatives. Her depth of expertise extends across a vast network of contacts and resources within the industry.

Professional Member of:
The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
Design Management Institute (DMI)
American Marketing Association (AMA)

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