Our Clients are world-class Design Firms, Advertising Agencies, and Corporations specific to the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) Brand & Package Design industry. Our clients entrust us to seek, source, and present them with Talent who blend easily into their organizations. We strive to build cohesive teams of the most talented creatives and strategists. As a strategic partner rightbrain recruiting, Inc. works to actualize our Clients’ vision for their business.



We partner with our Clients to identify and present the ideal Candidate. Someone who is not only capable of filling the requirements of the position, but can also to learn and grow within today's complex work environment. Qualities such as leadership, management skills, and business acumen elevate the best from the rest. Differentiating oneself with strategic problem-solving skills and the ability to make an immediate impact to the business.

THE rightFIT

Client and Candidate interests converge when identifying the rightFIT. We will work to find you the perfect position to meet your career goals while at the same time extending the organization's vision. We know you have a passion to create and develop personally within an organization. Our goal is to bring value to both parties where the potential for long-term growth is real. Win,win.



Our relationship with a firm and understanding their expectations allows rightbrain recruiting, Inc. to build a profile that considers assets such as strategic depth, leadership ability, and management style that the role demands as well as concrete objectives outlined in the job description. This profile will allow us to evaluate potential candidates in a responsive, time sensitive manner - getting you the rightFIT more quickly.


To identify and present rightFIT Candidates providing quality service is of utmost importance. To assure candidates match the demands of the role, we describe them by strategic assets weighted against the Clients’ specific profile. Additionally, we consider stylistic personality factors that determine if the candidate is also a good cultural match. Once rightbrain recruiting, Inc. has identified candidates that match the firm's profile and fit well within the firm's vision rightbrain recruiting, Inc. will recommend them noting specific factors that make them well suited to the role.


Once you've decided to extend an Offer of employment to a candidate rightbrain recruiting, Inc. can effectively facilitate negotiations protecting a positive relationship between the client and its future team member.


What is rightbrain recruiting, Inc.’s fee structure; Is it negotiable?
Please contact us to understand the Fee structure and what works best for you.

What if I already know the person they submit as a Candidate; do I still have to pay the fee?  ">Knowing someone is not the same as a formal submission. Let your recruiter know immediately if you have already considered this Candidate for this position and when they were submitted.

Why would we pay a recruiter for something we can do ourselves?  92% of Companies agree that Talent obtained by a professional recruiter is better than the talent they could've found on their own. The investment of time and energy in finding the perfect fit for a Creative position within your Organization can be daunting. Many try to add the job of recruiting onto their already overflowing plates. If you believe employees are the most important asset of your Organization, you must hire a professional, a specialist. Call rightbrain recruiting, Inc. today!